Meet The Llamas

A little introduction to some of the characters in our herd.








adoptmeCassie, male

Hello – my name is Cassie. You can recognize me as the friendly llama with the short ears. I’m gentle, friendly and a little frisky when we are gearing-up so you’ll need a guide to help with that part. OnceI’m on the trail, I want to be in the lead, but I promise to work on it and listen to your commands when you speak gently and teach me. I’m so delighted to be there with you and once we have bonded, as a team together, you will come to know me as one of your favorite llamas. If you’d like to know why I don’t have long ears it’s because I was rescued from another farm whose owners forgot to bring me inside when temperatures froze and I got frost bite. I was a baby (cria) so I don’t remember it and it’s not painful now, it’s just part of my unique look that sets me apart from others. Also, one final note – I’m not sure how old I am, but I am a young-at- heart-male with lots of energy and zeal. I’m ready to accompany you on your special JK Hike today. Let’s go! If you can’t come for a hike, consider sponsoring me so I can get a new backpack with my name embroidered on it. I could use a pedicure too. Thank you.







adoptmeFyre, male

Hi, I’m Fyre. I have a gorgeous red coat and I’m slightly smaller than some of my ranch brothers here at JK Hikes (most of us are males). I’m excited to have an ultimate hiking experience with you and your family because I love humans – they take good care of me and it’s easy for me to reciprocate. You’ll need to find a bit of patience with me while we are getting ready for our hikes however – I have lots of energy and, frankly, it’s just difficult for me to stand still. If you use kind words and compassion I’ll be ready to go in no time. I have Fyre-enthusiasm and can’t wait to meet you soon. Also, I would appreciate your sponsorship if you cannot make a hike with me – I’ll sendyou some photos too! Your money will go toward my grooming and up-keep. Plus, I really enjoy pedicures but don’t tell my brothers here – some of them just don’t understand. Llama on!









adoptmeHammer, male

My name is Hammer. It’s the sort of name that perhaps makes you think I’m a little rough and tumble – but I am not. I am very well behaved and love my human companions as much as my ranch-llama family. I came from another nice family in Kansas and now live on JK Hikes Ranch with epic views of the Colorado Rockies. I look forward to our hikes and adventures – especially the overnight trips where I can graze in the fields, under the stars while the humans sleep in tents on the forest floor. I am larger than some of the others which means I will be taller than you while we hike side-by- side. I will listen to your words and guidance and generally smile when we take selfies together. If you allow me, I will get in front of you while hiking – but you will be taught how to show me parameters and obedience – it’s very easy to my leader. My goal is to make you happy while we are together – it’s a wonderful experience to be in the mountains with me as your sherpa. Some say I am the best llama here and ask for me on their return trips. Life is sure grand being a llama in Colorado. See you soon.








adoptmeHurley, male

It’s so nice to meet you – my name is Hurley. I’m a strong male llama with a very sweet disposition. Some would say I’m a lover, not a fighter. I have fans that always request me as their personal sherpa and packer because I’m so joyful and loving. I mean, what’s not to be joyful about? Life in Colorado is a glorious deal – I have sunshine 300 days of the year and grasses that grow abundantly everywhere we travel. I have ranch mates that fill my life with social fun and humans that care for me and take me on adventures. Sometimes, when we are on one of our special hike outings we come to what the humans call “water crossings” – streams that come out of the mountains and we need to walk through – never very deep – but I love to jump over water so be sure you give me a longer leash when we do. It’s so fun to be outdoors, walking and jumping and being your hiking companion. Let’s get going!








adoptmeRambodi, male

I’m the best behaved of the herd. 









adoptmeOreo, male

I’m nuts. They think they can train me, but they’re wrong! Bwaaa ha ha ha!







adoptmeSkooch, male

I am really a good follower. Though sometimes, I just stop on the trail for no apparent reason.







adoptmeCappuccino, male

I’m a very good and gentle animal. I like to follow Rambodi on the trail.


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