Hiking Trips

Llama llama Ding Dong Hikes wants you to have fun when you hike or trek with the llamas. We offer you two packages for you to choose the experience to fit your needs.


Take a llama to lunch!

Our Lunch with Llama adventure is a great way to spend the day hiking with llamas and breaking for lunch in the unspoiled wilderness of the Colorado Rockies.

Llamas are incredible pack animals and great trail companions. They will carry your gear along with our delicious picnic lunch and trail snacks. Children are especially enamored by our gentle and curious llamas. It’s a fun way to spend time with the family, friends or special groups!




Fully enjoy the backcountry!

Hike and camp comfortably in the Colorado Rockies  with the assistance of our llamas. Choose a llama trekking experience between an overnight trip or a multi-day trip.

Trekking with Llamas is usually considered to be moderate to challenging hikes. We provide you with a yummy breakfast and dinner on our trekking adventures. This is a great trip to spend more time hiking, enjoying the llamas and being inspired by the surrounding ecosystem.


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