Welcome Hikers!

Thank you for visiting and hopefully, planning a llama hiking trip! Experience the adventurous back country of the Colorado Rockies with the joy of hiking with llamas year round. It’s the perfect trip to spend with family, friends or special groups! One thing we are certain of, hiking with llamas in the beautiful wilderness is both inspiring and memorable!

jodinieceWhile there are many ways to enjoy llamas, we focus on three hiking packages”

  • Lunch with a llama guided day hikes along the front range and generally run between 9 am to 3 pm
  • Overnight guided llama trips that include 1 night within the Denver area or 4 nights in Lost Creek Wilderness
  • Leasing Llamas are available for those who want a longer trip experience



CappaccinoLlamas have a very dignified and regal presence. They are extremely intelligent, very graceful, and carry themselves with elegance. Just like humans, each llama has a distinct personality. Some are shy, some naughty, and some are even funny. Getting to know the llamas is a fun way to personally connect by learning about each llama. A gentle companion for old and young alike, they are relatively easy to train.


Jodi, along with a group of guides, care deeply about your family and friends. They are committed to you having a fun and safe hiking adventure. They are knowledgeable, engaging, and willing to answer any question you ask.



DSC02961Our photo galleries are a collection of some of our favorite photos taken during our hikes, and  some shots of the llamas around the farm. We share our own pictures taken as well as the ones taken by our guests. While in the galleries, it’s easy to browse. You can click on any photo to bring up a larger image or click to view all photos in a slide show. We provide a photo gallery for each of our hiking adventures.



Depending upon the time of year, we offer additional fun hiking trips that include Birthday Parties, Weddings, Special events and team building.  We love to think outside of the box–other adventures you won’t want to miss out on experiencing. Subscribe so you can learn more about any upcoming special events.


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